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The concept "Mental Fighting", implies that fighting is a mental state, the physical part is more a consequence of what's happening in the mind.
Fighting is easy, it is a natural thing for us, we are natural born fighters.

However our society are blocking our ability to fight, by imposing a truck load of do's and dont's. By the time we reach adulthood, the only ones who seems to be able to fight, are those who either are doing it for a living, due to their work or those who have been fighting a lot or received education about the science of fighting.

When you look around you get the impression from the martial arts clubs etc. that fighting is a secret that will be revealed to you after a decade or two with regular stylistic practise.
And most of the people you get in contact with, tell you that it takes years and years of training, in order to learn how to fight.

If you should happen to be female, you hear that women cannot learn how to fight well.

Without the intention of stepping on some toes, there are few things that could be further from the truth.
First regarding women, just take a look at the animals, is it not true that a female animal with a cub, is a natural fierce fighter?

What happens, if someone or something comes between a mother and her small cub-lings?

The female animals, will very often be capable of putting up a formidable resistance against a male of the same species and drive him away.

Think about a woman and her child, is it not true that any woman with a baby, get an extra incredible strength, in order to protect or save her baby, when something occurs?

For men, it is another story. We are born and told to be strong, however we are conditioned by stimulus response, how to be pacified and most of our natural fighting abilities are blocked.
How are they blocked? You may think.
They are actually blocked in the way we are raised and told how to behave in our society. Don't do this or that, don't hit him, don't fight, don't, don't, don't.

Look at the animals, what do they do from birth?
They play with each other and they play that they fight.
What do you think that all this time play fighting does?
Look at the elements in their play fighting, it is basically slow motion fighting, with no rules or pre-arranged attacks, the cubs just fight and do it in a playful way.

What are the humans doing?
Many of us, get into some form of stylistic fighting or a form of fighting which is a sport with rules for what you can and cannot do.
Even the so-called no-rules fighting competitions you see out there, have some rules for what you can and cannot do, most of them anyway.
It is physically, Not Mental Fighting.
There are only a handful of systems which are without rules, this is the ones where you actually would be allowed to terminate your opponent. As you can understand, they are far between and in most cases, there are only certain government controlled entities, that can practise this and get away with it.

What can you do if you are a civilian who want to protect yourself?
First you will have to look into your goal, what do you really want to accomplish - and be honest to yourself!
There is no need to join the local dojo or grappling club, if you only want to learn to fight. Reason for this, is that they are not in business to teach you how to fight, but to teach you how to fight according to their rules and regulations.

This does not imply that this formal practise does not help you at all, but do you sincerely believe that the guys who stop you in order to get your money and maltreat you, are going to follow your rules?
If you have been doing grappling, you might have found this to be good one on one, but what about the moment you are on the ground, trying to get one of the guys to tap out?
Is it not likely that at least one of his four buddies, will kick your head, off your shoulders?

It is the same with what you learn in other clubs and dojos. The stuff you have been practising, is basically against another person who have accepted the same rules as you.
In most cases you have also a limited ways of how you attack each other and it is all in controlled forms. Your sparring partner are not likely to gauge out your eye, biting your adamsapple off and jump on your head.

Fighting is really a mental state "Mental Fighting" and until you are able to figure that out, you are bound to be stuck in old opinions and emotions.

copyright January2000 Mental Fighting © Oystein Henriksen

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