TwinDragonsAcademy's spiritual martial arts program,
is a highly sofisticated training method which will lead you to inner peace and higher consciousness.

"Exclusive - 101 Personal Training!"
For the SERIOUS Individual who wants the Best Personal Training in Energy Body Yoga, Stress Management and Spiritual Martial Arts - One on One with Professional Instructors at TwinDragonsAcademy.
Personal Self Defence/Hand to Hand Combat Training with a CQB Expert Instructor.

Energy Body Yoga

8-Weeks to health and well being Energy Body Yoga program. You’ll have the choice of working one on one or in a mini group with a personal trainer 1, 2, or 3 times a week depending upon your goals and time available to exercise. This program is for those who either want to practice for health and well being or for those who want to know the real reasons behind - the why’s and how’s of yoga.

We do also offer courses and weekly trainings in Energy Body Yoga.

Stress Management

Behavioural science made easy - the why and how, you can take full control over your emotions/feelings. Everything from choosing the mental state you want and inplanting it, to the tiny bits and pieces like hormones, quantum physics and current discoveries. The actual process of deleting and inplanting new patterns in the brain - which leads you to a state of feeling good, is relatively easy. However, you will have to choose to do it, and start walking - as it is what you do, that brings you to the goal, Not what you think.

Stress Management training is available as intensive courses, weekly trainings, and personal training here at TwinDragonsAcademy.

Awareness - Dismantling the Ego - Getting Rid of "stress-fear-anger etc.".....

TwinDragonsAcademy offers one on one consultation, which will make you aware of the reasons for your personal issues/problems. This awareness talks may change the way you see a problem or circumstance 180 degrees, from despair to compassion - from fear to full control in just a few minutes. Your current thinking regarding your abilities and your life, is habitual and we call that programming. This programming is buried in your subconscious mind, and it drives your behavior on a daily basis. These programs, or paradigms, came from outside sources and we often accept them without question. Many times our paradigm contains lack and limitation because a parent, teacher, coach, or another person we respected wanted to protect us from disappointment. They told us to "be realistic," "don't expect too much," "life is hard," and many other disempowering beliefs.
The moment you accept their programs, they drive your behavior and often limit your results. Follow the steps in building the habits of top performers...habits - will drive massive action and create incredible results for you!

Besides one on one consultations, can we offer you other options for Dismantling the Ego Program. From weekly and monthly consultations to courses, one on one training, phone consultations and more, contact us here atTwinDragonsAcademy for further details.

Spiritual Martial Arts

This is the essence - the science behind and the practical aplication of Martial Arts. Even though we use the old fighting arts from India, China, Russia and Scandinavia as the base for our system, it is without boundaries and stylistic rules - this information and training will enhance your fighting abilities, No matter what style you currently practice. The moment you discover that the physical fighting you are so focused on, is only a reflection of internal emotions - the true value of martial arts shows itself. It is only a spiritual path and by having no opinions of what others are doing, the fighting aspect is just a tool to discover who you really are.

This require some level of dedication and are best programmed into your subconscious by intensive courses, lasting 2 days or more.

TwinDragonsAcademy's Inner Circle Program

"The Circuit" Is the Warriors of Light Training Program - For Spiritual Growth through Manipulating the Elements. This is for the Devoted Individual Only. The program includes (but are not limited to) Martial Arts, Yoga, Health & Healing, Mind over Matter, Behavioural Science, Charming the Elements, Inner Peace, World Travel to meet Various Masters and more...

This is for really dedicated students, which are willing to put their money and effort where their mouth is. It's not cheap and you will have to leave your comfort zone - time and time again. However, who can put a pricetag on Inner Peace..........

VIP Service

We offer you a 24/7 VIP service, with customized training programs to fit your particular requirements. You can
choose freely from topics like Martial Arts, Yoga, Health & Healing, Mind over Matter, Behavioural Science, Charming the Elements, Inner Peace and more...

This is TwinDragonsAcademy's special service program, to high class clientel. We will walk a long road to accomodate you and give you what you are looking for.

This is some of the other stuff we can teach you at TwinDragonsAcademy...

  • Tai Chi - Form, Spear, Practical Use.
  • Pressure Point Healing & Fighting.
  • To be pro-active and take action.
  • To spot danger.
  • To identify the kill zones on your opponents body.
  • To use force vectors to control or kill your opponent.
  • To effectively use your body weapons.
  • To understand body dynamics.
  • To increase your power and stamina.
  • Multi fighting.
  • Unarmed against guns, rifles, knives & clubs.
  • Principles of killing with your bare hands.
  • Compression fighting & killing.

By using a range of physichal and mental tools,
an we guide you to innner peace.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to have any experience before I start training?
A: No, absolutely not. The methods are designed for people with a variety of backgrounds and physical abilities. They were designed by close combat specialists with a limited amount of time to teach a wide variety of people in a short amount of time. And it had to work every time - ALL the time.

Q: Will this replace the martial art I am studying?
A: Only if you are only interested in the bare bones necessities you need to survive. But this really works well in conjunction with your current method. Just use this principles with whatever
you already practice. What happens a lot is that people like you start applying this attitude to the way they perceive their current training. The result has been outstanding to say the least.

Q: Is it only for smaller or weak people?
Let's put it this way, if it can work for a 100 pound woman, just think what it will do for you. Besides, there will come a day where you will not be able to do the things that you do today, I think of age, physical condition etc. Don't you want a primary method of fighting that doesn't require a great amount of skill or athletic ability? Do you see the value in having a front line of defence?

Q: Will I need a lot of equipment or a training partner?
A: You will need a training partner and/or a training dummy, Training partners are good and will help, especially with the grabs and holds. And if you want to train intensely, you would need one. There is no other equipment required.

Q: How long will it take to become effective?
A: Usually, immediately, but that depends on you - the more you train and the harder you practice, the better your chances. There are no guarantees in a fight. But if you train these methods, they will become second nature in an extremely short time. We are talking days as opposed to months and years.

Q: Can I use these methods in sparring or competition?
A: No.

TwinDragonsAcademy does not offer you a sport. Most of these methods are illegal in competition and for good reason. Sports and competition are great for developing spirit and character. These methods are far too lethal. You wouldn't want someone dying in the ring because you crushed his adam’s apple.

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